Southern Chips

Sandersville, GA
We are an open-market, rail-served chip mill focused on quality and consistently meeting customer chip orders across the Southeast and beyond.

About us

Company Overview

Southern Chips, LLC has been in operation since 2018 and provides quality hardwood and pine wood chips to pulp and paper mills. Our chip mill specializes in rail-delivered chips to any location with rail service in the continental United States. Since the company's founding, we have aggressively upgraded the chip mill through capital expenditures to increase rail payloads, overall mill dependability, pulpwood storage capacity and chip quality.

Capabilities & Benefits

  • Hardwood and pine pulp and paper mill grade chips, screened and produced to customer's size and bark specifications
  • Delivered pricing to your location
  • Railcar contamination checks prior to loading
  • Rail served by the Sandersville Railroad with interchange to the Norfolk Southern
  • Railcar shipments with bottom drop and rollover capabilities
  • Dual log crane wood storage
  • Wet Yard with hardwood pulpwood storage



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Chip cars available for shipments


Tons of dry pulpwood storage in our dual log cranes


Tons of hardwood pulpwood storage capacity in our Wet Yard


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